Kate (lies_n_freckles) wrote in surviving_815,

Where: The Beach
When: Afternoon
Characters Involved: Jack and Kate in the beginning

Kate was wandering along the beach back to her belongings. She and Sayid needed some fruits and plants to make the medical alcohol and Sayid was already busy enough. She had a niche for climbing trees and decided to get the fruit. Her leg was still quite sore from her injury when she previously went picking fruit, but some things just have to get done. She was searching for her bag when she saw Jack coming out of the woods. He looked determined and he was searching for something or someone. As much as Kate wanted to help him, she figured he wouldn't take her offer. "Just leave him alone Kate, he doesn't need your help." She said to herself. Just as she put her bag around her she noticed that Jack was heading in her direction. She walked in the direction he was coming from, figuring if he needed anything he would ask her as she passed him by. Though she figured this very unlikely.
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