Ridley Valentine (ridleytherogue) wrote in surviving_815,
Ridley Valentine

Wasting Away Again

Where: Beach

When: Evening

Characters Involved: Just Ridley, and then whoever wants to save him from beating his head with a rock in utter boredom.


"Ridley Gray Valentine, what sort of mess have you gotten yourself into this time?"

Ridley had ask himself this question seemingly millions of times since the crash. He'd lost count of how many actual times, or how many days they'd been stranded. He'd also lost something else- hope in rescue. No one was coming, and Ridley knew it. The others could believe all they wanted, but Ridley was quite content with playing Johnny Raincloud.

Closing his eyes, Ridley reclined into the sand. He had stopped caring about the little sand beasts that crawled around. They could live in his clothes if they wanted. It was a late evening, the sun orange and the sky purple as the dark of night came over the island. Ridley was planning on falling asleep right here again, like he did every night. No use going farther up on the beach. No one cared about him anyway. He'd met them, sure, they knew his name... but that didn't mean they acknowledged him. Ridley liked being the center of attentioned, liked having girls on his arms. It didn't happen very often, except when the women were drunk. Whatever.

Ridley opened his bright blue eyes and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a dusty and sandy picture holder. The first was of his sister Ellie and her husband. "Ellie May Anderson, you sure are lucky that Sean's mother died, or else you'd be sitting right here in the bloomin' sand with me." Ridley sighed and looked at the next picture, one of his young nephew Adrien. "You'd like it here lil' buddy. During the day, anyway." Ridley put the photographs back into his pocket, clucking his tongue against his teeth. He didn't want to think about how his family could have died if they were on the plain with him, but he didn't want to think how happy but worried they were that they were alive and their brother, brother-in-law, and uncle may have been dead.

Ridley sighed and looked up at the sky, boredom driving him to the brink of insanity. A small shadow floated over him, a human shadow. Great. Maybe someone to talk to.

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