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The Beach or the Caves?

The Jungle isn't safe

The Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815
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This is an RPG created by thepixieinside and thin_izzy for any fans of the show 'Lost' or anyone who feels they can jump into the story well enough.

The story is simple and is as follows: The survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 find them selves stranded on a seamingly deserted island. After a few nights and some parusing of the island they determine that it is not a normal place. It is an island inhabited by Polar Bears, a mysterious monster, and a crazy french lady.

If you need any more clarification on the storyline just ask. There are no stupid questions.

About Joining: To join all you need to do is read all the rules and then fill out a character application. The application should be structured like so:

Your LJ user name:
Your Age:
Character you are applying for:
Character's Age:
Background for your Character
(Try to follow the show but we will be flexable):
Writing Sample
(At least two-three paragraphs. Please use paragraphs. They make it easier to read.):

(Original characters are accepted and welcome. There are about 48 people on the island and we have only really seen a handful so it is very plausable to have originals.)

Your character application can be reviewed by the Mods by sending it in an E-Mail to unsinkable.flight.815@gmail.com . After review the Mods will send you a reply letting you know yey or ney. (most likely it will be yey unless you fuck up royal)

Character List:

Boone Carlisle- boone_carlyle
Jack Shepard- saint_jack
James "Sawyer" Ford- confidentoutlaw
Charlie Pace- druggierockstar
John Locke- john_locke_
Micheal Dawson- raftcraft
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes- 156millionbucks
Sayid Jarrah- dontcallmeabdul
Walter "Walt" Lloyd-
Jin-Soo Kwon- jin_and_tonic

Sun Kwon- (Reopened)
Claire Littleton- mslittleton
Kate Austin- lies_n_freckles
Shannon Rutherford- __lightsticks
Joanna O'Brinn- belfast_baby
Evelyn "Evie" Winter- artsie_evie
Abigail "Abby" Hammond- abbyallalone

1. Have fun.
2. NO GODMODDING! No one likes it done to them and so you should not do it to anyone else. If you are found to be GODMODDING once you will be given a warning. If you are found to continue this dispicable behavior you will be banned from the RP.
3. NO Mary-Sue-s PLEASE! Please no Mary-Sue-s. They take the fun out of RPing. If you don't know what a Mary-Sue is ask and ye shall be schooled in them.
4. All characters must have a character journal. This is a journal detailing your characters feelings and thoughts on what goes on on the island. Also the Character journal is the journal you use to RP with.
5. Posts must be at least a paragraph. (note: paragraphs can be anywhere from one to ten+ senteces as long as they are structured correctly.)
6. Please act like an adult. This RP is going to be rated R. That means adult situations and language is allowd but please don't deliberatly offend any one. If you are offended try and let it roll off you. Let things go. Let a Mod know and they will address the problem a little better than you can. No fights OOC please. Just a heads up, when asked in the application for the password the Password is Moth
7. You must be accepted before you can begin posting.
8. Pimping. A banner will be ready soon. If you are here to have fun please try and pimp the RP out. Let other you think would be interested in on it. The more members, the more interaction, the more fun for everyone.

More Guidelines than Rules:
1. Make your journals friends only. This isn't needed but it helps an confusion by people who stuble across your journal.
2. Have an AIM name. It makes it easier to contact you if needed.
3. If you have an OC please use a character model. Preferably a real person.
4. If you want to reply to a character's personal journal please have it be in character. (the reason this is a guideline is because if the OOC comment is in (( )) *double bracket thingies* then it can be used.

Please keep in mind for the Mods to be able to make rule #1 possible you have to be able to follow rules 2-8. It will make things easier on everyone.

About Posting:
Posts should be in paragraph form. That way it is easier for people to read. Also when you are posting an RP it should be be formated in 3rd person past tense. If you have any questions about that ask.
Also when posting in your character's journal it should be in First Person Narrative form. It is just easier that way.
Naming the RP is not needed but sometimes it can be fun.
Your RP posts should also have a heading on them.
The heading to use on your posts should be like this:
(Day, Night, Evening, Afternoon, and what not since actual time doesn't really matter on an island)
Characters involved:

"Lost" Affiliates:

Non-"Lost" Affiliates:

The banner code is
<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=surviving_815" target="_blank">
<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v488/thin_izzy/LOSTBANNER.jpg"></a>

Just remove the stars.