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Heads up to all. I will be away away like unreachable from the 16th till further notice. I'm going to be doing what many people are doing, reading The Half Blood Prince. I will be disconnecting myself from the outside world till I finish it so no spoilers will come my way. I hope to see you all after that. It shouldn't take more than a week. I know it will take longer than it took me to read The Order of the Phoenix because of work. I'll try and pop in just on here to see how things are going but till I'm done consider me gone. If you have any questions or concerns in my leave ask our Kate she is now the new co-Mod so she should be able to help you all out. I'll see you all when I'm finished.

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Me too!! HBP takes priority over basically everything!!!!
Same here. ^^

I think we're all going to be like moles when we're done, squinting in the sun when we finally come out of the safety of our homes. =P