Sayid Jarrah (dontcallmeabdul) wrote in surviving_815,
Sayid Jarrah

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Is there a doctor in the house?

Who: Sayid, Kate, anyone who wants to try to help.
Where: Cavetowne.
When: Afternoon.

Sayid set Kate down on a flat slab of rock, propping her up against the cave wall so that her heart could remain higher than the hand with the lizard bite. He looked frantically around the cave, searching for anyone who might be able to help, find Jack, find anyone who knew how to slow the venom, because he dared not leave Kate to slip into unconciousness.

"Someone, help her ..." He looked back at Kate, rested his hands on her cheeks so he could hold her slitted eyes open. "Stay awake," he said. "Tell me another story. Or we will talk. A conversation." He hoped he could keep her aware until help came.
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