Boone Carlyle (boone_carlyle) wrote in surviving_815,
Boone Carlyle

Where: The Beach
When: Afternoon
Who: Boone & Anyone

The temperature was profoundly different. The caves retaining a cooler temperature than the jungle. Ironic being they both resided in somewhat shade. He and Locke had been coming back empty handed lately --- some people were starting to get worried.  Locke handled with ease.  "The boar are migrating.  We just need to hunt a little further, no problems."  What a good liar he was.  Boone; said nothing. 

Retreating towards the beach it was around time he meet up with Locke. The sun was high in the sky, pushing morning into afternoon. If someone had told him, 6 months ago, that he'd be in the jungle hunting boar, or uncovering a mysterious impenetrable hatch; he'd think they were crazy. Yet, low and behold; here he was doing just that. And actually finding it rather enjoyable. It gave him a purpose; a meaning for being there; helping the other survivors. The strong hero complex that was embedded into his DNA. As much as it was a gift, it was a curse. Behind the strong-willed demeanor came defiance. As much as he tries to help, his rescue attempts often fail; but he has yet to give up on his step-sister's repeated cry for help. Despite the faults he acquires it never stopped him from helping, doing everything in his power to give it his all. That was one of the many differences clashed with his sister. Her harsh attitude towards the other survivors tagged her with the "spoiled little rich girl" label she choose to flaunt. She just didn't know how to behave either way. Boone did just fine without the attention.

A knife latched itself around a hook adorning Boone's jeans. Locke had given it to him. Sort of a "promotion" he called it. He was moving up rather quickly in the "Survival of the Fittest 101." It felt like to him, more of a show of trust he'd acquired from the hunter. Adjusting it by his side he exited the jungle, pursuing the coastline.

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Shannon exited Sayid's tent quickly, wanting to go to the caves to refill her waterbottle. But she spotted Boone walking towards the water and ran after him.

"Boone!" she called out trying to catch up with him. "Where have you been?"

Something was missing. Boone had only been back at camp for a few minutes and already he could tell something was off, the air was to quiet. It wasn't until that familiar female voice flooded his ears, and jarred his memory. "Where have you been?"

"Where else? I've been hunting." He noted the direction she came from, sight glancing down at the empty water bottle. He wasn't stupid, he knew exactly who she'd been spending her time with. Finally a monotone voice, revealing little emotion. "I'm surprised you noticed I was gone."

She wasn't taken back by his response. His voice had taken that empty tone that he so often did when speaking to her.

She scoffed and shook her head, turning to walk away, "Fine - whatever Boone. It might be hard to believe but I was worried about you."

He felt a stab in his chest; and suddenly regretted his half-fast remark. It came out the wrong way; didn't it always? He watched her turn, blonde tress following the twist she made against her heel. Truth or not she was impossible to read.

"You'd love for me to believe that wouldn't you? Like you've changed all of a sudden? You’re worried about someone other than yourself; yeah that's a good act Shannon."

She stopped in her tracks, letting his words wash over her. She despised the simple fact that there were some truths in his words. She hung her head, as if ashamed then said grimly, "I'm sorry for trying to give a shit about you. You obviously can't believe that I'm trying."

She knew all the great ways of making him feel like shit; if it was purposely or not. A sigh of remorse left his lips, almost already brimming the edge of exhaustion with her. He didn't want to fight with her; he never did. "Shan look; I'm sorry--" Her words were wounding, especially to him, but at the same time, hinted with genuineness. Perhaps he asked for it? It was obvious he wasn't keen on her new boyfriend choice; however unwilling to admit it so soon. Maybe it really was him this time.

He threw in a faulty excuse, all hopes to get her to turn back around. "I'm just tired." He motioned towards the empty bottle in her hand's grasp; completely aware at the same time she couldn't see him. "Do you want to come with me --- for water?"

She continued to walk up the beach in the direction of the caves. She bit her lips, not knowing what to say to him. She was angry at him but terribly missed his company. It was a sick pleasure that was no doubt hurting the both of them but their fights satisfied them. It assured her that he still cared.

"Well are you coming?" she yelled back over her shoulder.

((Sorry for the long reply - just been busy))

He saw her pause. Feet frozen in mid-step, attention unwavering. The curve of her back, shifting in the breeze. He briefly held his breath, awaiting her answer. Fully prepared for another snappy remark, maybe he deserved it.

She hid her emotions rather well; completely unaware that his absence had effected her, even in the least. "Well are you coming?" He released the breath he hadn't noticed to still be holding. Threading through the sand it only took a few steps before he was beside her. It was ironic how they both missed each other's company but were to stubborn to admit it. "Let's go."

A brief smile crossed her face as he fell in step beside her. She felt somewhat better now that he was here. She was assured that he was safe and at least took a break before traipsing back in the jungle doing God knows what. She wondered how long it would be before he went back to it.

Boone looked somehow different to her now. He seemed to have age. Matured somehow in the time they had spent in the island. He seemed more comfortable with himself - like he finally knew his place. Shannon wished she could say the same for herself.

"So what's going on, Boone," she asked as they continued to walk.

He thought he caught a glimpse of her smile, but when he looked a second time it had vanished. Silence evoked the siblings -- conversation was obviously hard to come by lately. He almost felt like; he was loosing the connection he had with her; and that didn't rest well with him. As much as Boone hated to admit it, it felt like they were becoming more and more estranged by the hour. Hunting was the one thing that took his mind off of her; distracted him, kept him from worrying constantly. Unfortunately; it wasn't helping him at the moment.

His mouth opened, almost simultaneously as hers, intercepting, and attempting a subject of conversation. Instead, she beat him to it. A faint shrug over came the boy, the truth residing in his throat. What has been going on? He'd been tempted to tell her the truth; about the hatch. If anyone deserved to know, he thought it was Shannon. Debating upon such, quickly he justified it with a lie, swallowing hard. "The boar are migrating -- Locke and I have to go deeper into the jungle."

Lie. Shannon knew it. Boone was a horrible liar. It didn't take all their years of playing mind games for her to figure that out. She saw him swallow, detected the shuffle for a quick reply and caught the passive tone his voice had taken. She scoffed and adopted his tone, "Hmm - right."

But she didn't want to frustrate him by pressing the matter - so she decided to go along with his lie. Besides it might segue into the things she probably needed to tell him but had no idea how to.

"Have you seen any rabbits around here?" she said quickly.

He felt the weight of her eyes on him. The suspicion seeping through her look. Then it hit him. He was a pretty bad liar. At least, he could never beat her at it. Her sarcastic tone proved his reservations; she could see right through him. Her sneering tone echoing in his ears.

Somewhat surprised by her lack of inquiries towards the matter he responded rather stunned by her following question. "Rabbits?" A mild grin passed by his lips. Come to think of it -- he hadn't. Maybe because they weren't actually hunting as of lately. The grin vanished as quickly as it appeared. "Not really --- why? Did you want me to catch you one?" A smirk developed from the half-fast smile; directing the playful query her way.

((urgh sorry for not replying again))

She quickly debated over whether now was a proper time to tell him. Then he smiled and she preffered a smiling and calm Boone to an angry and flustered one. It wasn't her intention to anger him - at least not that time.

Shannon shrugged - she could probably worm her way out of it. "Sayid said it could be used for something," she said casually.

"And I'm sick of boar meat - despite the fact that we haven't had any lately..." she winked, snearing playfully.

( It's all good. )

Her response sent a wave of inquisitiveness through him. The lighthearted, calm look diminished into the flesh, replaced by a more tense, edgy Boone. Sayid was the last subject he wanted to approach, but nothing could calm his curiosity besides digging further. He heard her remark about the lack of boar meat. The corner of his lip twitched, inching close to a smile, but was drowned out by the underlying question he pushed out. "Used for what?"

His voice discarded the playfulness, starting to simmer with jealousy upon the Iraqi man's name. He learned a lot of things about survival from Locke; but regarding rabbits, nothing rang a bell.

((you may kill me for my lack of response. really you're welcome to.))

She shifted her weight from one foot to another nervously. She heard the edge in his voice, detecting the beginnings of anger and jealousy in him. Clearly it was a major mistake to want to get into that particular topic. His dislike for Sayid had always been clear even before Shannon had started a relationship with him.

Shannon tried to shrug non-challantly but it came out a little more nervous than she wanted it to. Her body was betraying as it moved to make the little gestures of anxiety, tucking her hair behind her head, fingers curling into fists over her chest, smiling fakely.

"Um - it's um - I don't really know." Great, she sounded nervous too. She berated herself for being so stupid for even touching this subject.