Boone Carlyle (boone_carlyle) wrote in surviving_815,
Boone Carlyle

Where: The Beach
When: Afternoon
Who: Boone & Anyone

The temperature was profoundly different. The caves retaining a cooler temperature than the jungle. Ironic being they both resided in somewhat shade. He and Locke had been coming back empty handed lately --- some people were starting to get worried.  Locke handled with ease.  "The boar are migrating.  We just need to hunt a little further, no problems."  What a good liar he was.  Boone; said nothing. 

Retreating towards the beach it was around time he meet up with Locke. The sun was high in the sky, pushing morning into afternoon. If someone had told him, 6 months ago, that he'd be in the jungle hunting boar, or uncovering a mysterious impenetrable hatch; he'd think they were crazy. Yet, low and behold; here he was doing just that. And actually finding it rather enjoyable. It gave him a purpose; a meaning for being there; helping the other survivors. The strong hero complex that was embedded into his DNA. As much as it was a gift, it was a curse. Behind the strong-willed demeanor came defiance. As much as he tries to help, his rescue attempts often fail; but he has yet to give up on his step-sister's repeated cry for help. Despite the faults he acquires it never stopped him from helping, doing everything in his power to give it his all. That was one of the many differences clashed with his sister. Her harsh attitude towards the other survivors tagged her with the "spoiled little rich girl" label she choose to flaunt. She just didn't know how to behave either way. Boone did just fine without the attention.

A knife latched itself around a hook adorning Boone's jeans. Locke had given it to him. Sort of a "promotion" he called it. He was moving up rather quickly in the "Survival of the Fittest 101." It felt like to him, more of a show of trust he'd acquired from the hunter. Adjusting it by his side he exited the jungle, pursuing the coastline.

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