abbyallalone (abbyallalone) wrote in surviving_815,

Abby All Alone

Where: Jungle... somewhere...
When: Roundabout Midnight
Who: Abby and anyone who dares travel into the jungle... Mawhaha

Abby screamed into the night. Her voice bounced off the trees, not surviving for ten feet before it dissipated into the overwhelming heat of the jungle. She was curled on the ground, clutching her swollen ankle. Blood was smeared across her hands and on the rocks, like paint. Despite the heat, she shivered, recalling her fall not five minutes ago. Her jaw was tightly locked, and Abby drew breath through clenched teeth.

She cursed and mustered the strength to scream again, but Abby knew it was useless. When she'd entered the jungle, there had still been a blueish light in the sky. It was enough light to make out something very black, moving through the trees. As always, curiosity had won over safety...

Now, it was pitch black; it was a moonless night. Abby shivered again. Curse that Dr. Jack. He had warned her, and he had been right. Curse him.

Abby closed eyes, positive that she was surrounded by the smokey snakes she had followed. They would swallow her. They would kill her somehow. She was losing herself in terrified panic. She would die there. No one would find her. She would starve or bleed to death.

Abby opened her mouth to scream...

...but she couldn't make a sound.
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