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((sorry its soooo long but hey its something))

Who: Shannon, Monster and whoever wants to come to the rescue
Where: Jungle
When: Afternoon

Shannon had taken to wandering the jungle alone. She didn’t tell anyone where she was headed for they would obviously try to stop her. It was a dark and dangerous place – that was clear enough. Hidden holes, surprise cliffs, tricky paths – all well hidden by thick bushes and overgrowth. She had heard rumours about the crazy French chick installing booby traps and explosives all over the jungle. Not to mention the monster – whatever it was. It was a small bit of comfort that the urges happened in the middle of the day rather than at night.

She had wandered far into the wild. The tall heavy set trees blocked sunlight and the jungle seemed even more menacing. Every sound echoed all around her. Every snap of twigs and dried leaves crunched beneath her feet made her jump in surprise – as did every whisper of the wind. She was frightened, more so than she had ever been in her life. She was never one to endanger herself but there she was. She had felt an odd pull towards the jungle. It wasn’t curiosity as to what lay beyond the line of trees she saw from the jungle, or the path she took every morning to the caves. It was unexplainable and it scared and confused her. It was almost as if a voice from either her head or within the jungle, was telling her to go in and explore whatever was in the jungle.

“Fuck it, I’m going psycho,” she muttered to herself.

Then she heard it, the frightening shrill and mechanical sound. She stopped suddenly, gripping a tree branch tightly. Her breath quickened to hard pants and fear began to take over her. She looked around, trying to figure out where the sound had come from so she could run the other way.It screeched again and the ground shook beneath her. She screamed as trees crashed down all around her. It seemed to be getting closer. She tried to run, but her legs seemed to be paralyzed and she couldn’t budge. Not even her arms seemed to work and she still clung to the branch as if it was life support. Shannon merely stood there, panting heavily, looking around in fear.

Another loud noise from the monster and a loud scream tore through Shannon’s throat. She managed to drop down to the ground, her knees against her chest and her head buried between them. Her arms covered her ears in attempt to block out the noise. All Shannon could think of was a recollection of her childhood with Boone and cold thoughts that she would never see him again. She was going to die – trapped, cold and alone – her greatest fears.
Then the monster seemed to move away. Minutes passed until the screeching seemed far away and distant and the shaking of the earth were mere tremors. She got up, glancing around anxiously. But finally there was nothing - strangely enough everything seemed to be as it was before the monster made an appearance. She began to walk in the general direction from which she came but she didn't notice the treestump on the ground. Her foot got caught and she tripped over. Her arm broke her fall but as soon as it did, she heard the bones crack and an overwhelming pain shot through her, causing her to scream again. Darkness filled her world and she passed out immediately, slumped over on the ground.
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