confidentoutlaw (confidentoutlaw) wrote in surviving_815,

When: Late night
Where: At the shore
Who: Sawyer, whoever wants to join him.

Sawyer stalked down the beach, knowing he had just screwed up any chances of a semi-friendship with Sayid. Hell, not even a friendship, just civility. He shrugged to his thoughts---who needed friends? He didn't need no one.

He dropped his bag and planted himself in the sand. He pulled out another cigarette and inhaled deeply, blowing the smoke out slowly. The need for the smoke had suddenly filled his veins. He glanced over to Sayid and noticed that he had resumed his prayer thing. Sawyer just shook his head and looked back to the water. He then glanced around---everyone seemed busy with their own activities. He felt that feeling come over his of the women he had screwed over claimed it was pain.... He grunted and looked back to the water.
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